Stylish Princess Package



A. Relaxation Body Massage, Facial &brow shape or Tint.    2hoursfor only $ 110.00

  (Valued at over $130.00)

B.Facial and Foot or hands facial with eyebrow shape  – 2.5 hour for only    $110.00

  (Valued at over $125.00)

C.Manicure and Pedicure 2 hours for $80.00

  (Valued at $90.00)

D.Foot and hands facials& Eyebrow  Shape or Tint-2.5 hours for only    $110.00

 (Valued at over $132.00)

E.Relaxation Body Massage, Facial, Foot & Hands facial-4.5 hours for only $225

  (Valued at over $50.00)

G. Stylish Summer Package                                   -2.5 hours for only $183.00

Body Waxing (Brazilian, Chin, Upper Lip, Leg, Arms, UpperArm wax) and Eyes Package, a free Nails Polish.

(Valued at over $228.00)

H.Relaxation Body Massage, Facial, Mani or Pedicure, or Mini Mani &Mini Pedicure.

  (Valued at over $175.00)                                     -3.5 hours for only $158.00


*PRINCESS FOR A DAY                                           – 5.5 hours for only $280.00

Relaxation Body Massage, Facial and Body Skincare (exfoliate, shower, Hot Towel, Honey Mask

& Body Cream), Mani & Pedicure. (Valued at over $315.00)

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