French Style Massage

French Style Massage using wonderful Essential Oils and Skin Deep’s

Honey Candle Oils.

Skin Deep luxury Honey with soy oil for body massage                                        $95.00

This Oil Includes face, neck, shoulder, back,  limbs, hands and feet.


Body Massage- 1 hour                                                                                        $65.00

Includes scalp,  neck, shoulder, limbs, back, hands and feet.



Back Massage 30 mins                                                                                       $35.00

Relaxes your shoulder muscles, alleviates fatigue, and improves energy levels.

shoulder massage

French style Head, Face, Neck & Shoulder  Massage     30 mins                         $25.00

face,nack massage

Anti-aging effect, relaxes stress lines& gives a more youthful appearance.

Foot massage                       10 mins                                                                 $10.00


Scalp massage      15 mins                         $15.00

scalp massage

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