Eco Honey Candle $45 250g



Set the mood and enhance your skin deep treatment  with indulgent massage can

alternative to paraffin wax in Skin Deep’s Signature Honey Facial as well as in manicure

andpedicure treatment. Skin Deep is very friendly to environment. Because its packaging

 recy-lable handmade black glass jar and beautifully presented in black chiffon bag.

So it can be used afterward for storing cotton buds, cotton balls, herb or is a

perfect gift for both males and females, either.

Eso Soy Candle ingredients 100% vegetable wax, pure Soybean oil infuse with Manuka

Honey and infuse with essential and fragrance.

Natural, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic , burn cleaner, low melting point, naturally

biodegradable and water solube, stimulates the olfactory (smell) receptor are Skin

Deep’s Eco soy candle’s feature.

How to use:

1. Light candle and burn for 15minutes before treatment. This candle burn slower

    and longer    (up to 50 hours) , thus making it more economical. Retains heat for


2. Snuff candle by replacing the lid.

3. Trim the wick to conserve the wax and prevent it from smoking.